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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S2: Dual-Core, 1GB RAM, 8MP Camera

I've been waiting on this phone ever since rumors about it started flying all over the net. I'm very pick when it comes to dropping some serious cash on anything so I research the crap out of it. The Pros, the cons, and what I think the phone needed. Two cons for far: STILL no LED indicator and still no dedicated camera button (I can live without dedicated button). So far it's been said to only work on AT&T which sucks because I'm pretty sure the Vibrant did a lot better in terms of sales and sevice on T-Mobile's network. I just hope they release different flavors for the big 4.
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  1. wow thats a crazy good phone!

  2. Technology blows my mind these days. I'm still using an old Nokia with PRE PAY!

  3. A dual core phone. this changes everything